Gluten-Free Pasta – Recipe in the NY Times and more

Botteganova Pasta al Tartufo
Even more gluten-free recipes from the NY Times this week – a Gluten-Free Pasta e Fagiole recipe from Martha Shulman.  The main conclusion?  The gluten-free pasta options are good, but you need to follow the cooking directions closely. It quickly moves from al dente (yum) to mushy and gummy (eww). I know allergic girl and I have experienced this with Otto’s gluten-free pasta.
Opus Gluten Free Pasta web
My favorite pasta brands include Tinkyada, Dr Schar, and MolinodiFerro. Tinkyada seems to be the most widely available in NYC grocery stores, but Dr Schar and MolinodiFerro are both available online.
GF Pasta Taste Test
Try making your own gluten-free pasta with this Fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce Recipe or this Gluten-Free Pasta Kalamata Butter Sauce Recipe.

Locanda Ravioli 2
If a trip to Italy for gluten-free ravioli isn’t realistic, you can order gluten-free ravioli from Everybody Eats or Conte’s and FoodMatters makes gluten-free lasagna that would fool any palate.  Gluten-free pasta is also available at several NYC restaurants: Bistango, Mario Batali’s Otto, Opus on the Upper East Side, Lumi, PizzaBolla, Sambuca, Mozzarrelli’s gluten-free weekends and now even at Blue Smoke you can order gluten-free mac and cheese (thanks to allergic girl’s work).  But for the ultimate gluten-free pasta overload of cheesy goodness – check out S’mac on the Lower East Side. 
SMAC NYC (7)web
It’s great to see more gluten-free recipes in mainstream food sites and the NYTimes.  What is your favorite gluten-free pasta brand?

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