To blog or not to blog

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Birthday Dinner 2014 (5) skies

When I first started blogging it felt necessary.  I was providing a service and helping those who felt as frustrated as I did trying to find tasty gluten-free food replacements, safe gluten-free restaurants and delicious gluten-free recipes.  Over the last few years my life got busier (I started a gluten-free ice cream company), and eating gluten-free just became generally easier.  More people know what gluten-free is – no one looks at me like I have two heads anymore when I say that I can’t eat gluten.  The number of great gluten-free products has vastly increased.  Now, as long as you follow some basic guidelines, eating out isn’t nearly as difficult (especially in NYC).  As a result, blogging moved very low on my list of priorities.

I was reminded of how confusing, frustrating, exasperating and defeating it can be to switch from eating “normally” to eating strictly gluten-free this week as my younger sister Alexx was diagnosed with Celiac.  As I’ve been answering questions and giving tips, my original confusion and feelings from my diagnosis have come rushing back to me.  And I started to miss blogging! I can’t make any promises but I hope to feel up for more posts.  With budget constraints and my boyfriend moving in with me I’ve been doing A LOT of cooking at home.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share more of the simple (but awesome) creations I’ve been cooking up recently.

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