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Living deliciously gluten-free

A Gluten Free Guide - Catherine OddeninoI love food. I love cooking, shopping and thinking about food. After my diagnosis with Celiac disease, I discovered that living gluten-free can be just as scrumptious as any 'glutenous' diet. A Gluten-Free Guide is your guide to living deliciously gluten-free.

The first time I heard the terms "celiac" or "gluten" was six months before I ever started feeling sick. My newlywed cousin and her husband were at my apartment for a large dinner party. She asked me what the ingredients were in the chips that I had out as an appetizer. I naturally had no idea. As I saw her digging through the garbage (an activity I have since engaged in at dinner parties myself) I thought, "wow this celiac thing is so much more of a hassle than my diabetes, man am I glad I don't have that!"

Fast forward six months: I am laying in bed after being so sick for a month that I don't care what I have to do start feeling better. I'll cut out gluten; I'll cut out ANYTHING from my diet just to feel some sort of relief.I received my official diagnosis of Celiac Sprue on November 10, 2004. I immediately made it my goal to find a way to get back to my "normal" life as quickly as possible. My travel schedule for work, my inquisitive, problem solving nature, and a supportive family facilitated a great if not immediate recovery.

I spent the first six months after my diagnosis buying practically every available gluten free alternative to mainstream products. I tested, adjusted and pulled my hair out trying to find recipes or mixes for cupcakes, breads and cookies that tasted as good as their "gluten relatives." I didn't rest until I found a way to make it work. Cookies came first, dinner rolls were the most elusive.

I decided to start this blog to share what I have learned and continue to discover. I hope to be an extra resource to help the many people who are diagnosed with Celiac disease each year only to discover that not even their doctor or nutritionist is really sure about all of the details.