Ecco – Eating (too much) Gluten-Free in Atlanta

Sometimes when you get behind on “blogging” you find a new restaurant that serves incredible gluten free food and you go back to it twice before having a chance to blog. The good news is that I have even more yummy photos and experiences to share.

Ecco is a relatively new restaurant in midtown Atlanta. It’s managed by the same restaurant group that owns La Tavola, where I had a delicious gluten free meal last year.

The space is beautiful and the menu is designed to satisfy all of my restaurant cravings. They serve a wide variety of gourmet meats and cheeses, taste and share small plates, appetizers and mains inspired by fresh and seasonal ingredients. They describe themselves aptly as “cuisine with European influences. …. Ecco embraces its classic roots while delivering an unmistakably modern, fresh and original dining experience.”

They are not part of the GFRAP, but I was able to discuss with a manager and a well-informed wait staff all of my gluten free needs.

The many small plates and appetizers make sharing easy, letting you sample an assortment of flavors and dishes.

During my visits I’ve had two meat and cheese platters, including a delicious 3 milk Robiola cheese that is a new favorite. (of course Piave remains near the top)

The mixed olives were surprisingly light – no extra olive oil weighting them down.

The tuna crudo with chili and chive is a unexpected combination of spice with the smooth texture of the fresh tuna.


The baby eggplant with pine nuts and sultanas is a mere $4 and was one of the top choices during my second trip to Ecco.

The garlic shrimp with olive oil and bay cost twice as much but the preparation was so delightful I wouldn’t hesitate to order them again.


Baby octopus is a risky dish if it isn’t prepared well, but the tomato, paprika and olive oil kept it from being overly “fishy” and the texture was just right.

Roasted mussels with saffron and chilis are a fantastic deal (and are pictured above) – a huge plate of mussels seasoned with saffron and chilis. It’s a little bit spicy but not overly so.

It’s hard to believe that three sections of the menu (pizzas, paninis and pastas) were completely off limits to me, yet I still had so much to choose from.


Fig glazed lamb loin with a warm potato and chicory salad was a great combination of savory and sweet. I’ve had mixed success with lamb as a main course, but this is one I would recommend to anyone new to the protein.

Trout is not one of my favorite fish, but this preparation, wrapped in grape leaves and served with winter squash, walnuts and sherry transcends the limitations of the fish and delivers a gluten free dining experience to be remembered.

Ecco Restaurant: 40 7th Street, Atlanta, GA 30308 Phone: 404-347-9555

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Molly said,

April 18, 2007 @ 6:43 pm

The trout dish is calling my name.

Catherine said,

April 26, 2007 @ 10:29 pm

Oh it was just as good as it looked!

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