Gluten-Free Cookies and Chocolate in NYC!

Gluten Free at Candle 79 Chocolate Cake
It’s finally starting to get warm so perhaps I should be contemplating a less errr, dessert-heavy diet, but I can’t help sharing my recent NYC gluten-free dessert discoveries.
Chocolate-Almond bliss chocolate mousse, almond mousse, chocolate shell, berry coulis
I love the restaurant Candle 79 and wish I could afford to indulge in their organic fare more often.  They make vegan cuisine so delicious and sustaining, you could take any meat-eater there and leave fully satisfied.  They also do gluten-free desserts amazingly well.  David from GF NYC sang such praise for their gluten-free chocolate almond cake that I had to try it.  It fully lived up to the hype.  In fact when I shared one last weekend, it was gone so fast our server probably questioned if she had remembered to bring it to us.
Gluten-Free Black and White Cookie
Did you know that you can sample over 20 kinds of gluten-free cookies at a restaurant in Manhattan?  I sure didn’t.  A couple weeks ago, as I was picking up some gluten-free goodies to take to my friend’s house for a dinner at her apt in Queens, I stopped in at Mozzarelli’s (remember their gluten-free pizza weekend?) to see what kind desserts they had.  While I knew they had a huge variety of gluten-free cakes, brownies, cheesecake and more, I was stunned to see a whole wall of gluten-free cookies and a table allowing you to sample ALL of them.  One of my biggest complaints about gluten-free baked goods is spending the extra money only to be disappointed when you get home.  I found so many great options at Mozzarelli’s I was barely hungry when I arrived at my friend’s place.  Luckily I am a hearty eater and managed to make room for dinner (and dessert).  Even my gluten-glutton friends loved the gluten-free cookies and bread that I brought.  Erik and Kate preferred the rosemary shortbread cookie (yes I said rosemary – it was delish) but I was partial to the vanilla cream sandwich cookies. The options are so varied at Mozzarelli’s, I am convinced anyone can find something to suit their tastes (they even have sugar-free gluten-free cookies [though they weren’t my favorite…]).

If you don’t live in NYC, you can still enjoy gluten-free cookies and luscious Flourless Chocolate Lust Cake, it just will take a little elbow grease….but think about all the calories you’ll burn!

38 E 23rd St, New York 10010
Btwn Park & Madison Ave
Phone: 212-475-6777
Fax: 212-475-6888
Open: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm

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» Easy Gluten Free Recipes - Turkey Burgers with Feta and Dill | A Gluten Free Guide said,

May 15, 2009 @ 12:11 pm

[…] relevant, it made me feel like less of a burden with my ‘special needs,’  I also brought the gluten-free cookies I found at Mozzarelli’s.  The whole house, including her roommates, enjoyed […]

Samantha Saltzman said,

May 16, 2009 @ 7:40 pm

Hey there,
I live out of state but eat gf, could you either give me Mozzarelli’s telephone number or tell me if they ship out pastries and cookies?

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