Remembering the Little Things

Roasted Halibut with Oregon Pinot Noir

Sometimes I have a few weeks of great restaurant experiences and incredible meals at home and I start to forget how omni-present gluten can be. While many chefs are now creating great gluten-free options on their menus, very few friends have the ‘courage’ to cook for me. Since Eliana cooked for me in Italy, I have had only a couple offers for dinners made especially for me. Yesterday, I enjoyed an incredible homemade meal of roasted halibut with tomatoes and basil with a side of broccolini and garlic. Unfortunately, the wild rice was seasoned with a packet containing wheat. I should have remembered after this attempt to cook for me, to ask about seasoning packets with rice. So just as I was getting lulled into a sense of security I was reminded how important it is to check every ingredient – sigh.

But the rest of the meal was perfect – including a gluten-free dessert of fresh fruit and passion fruit sorbet. I even received a return invite; thank goodness the rice mistake was not overly discouraging!

You can read about the wine I selected at the Adventures in Wine Pairing blog I wrote for

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