While I can’t possibly list everyone, I want to openly thank so many of the people who have helped make living gluten-free a little bit easier and more delicious these last three years!

Mom – for always being there

Dad – for being a great editor and helping me take pretty pictures

Victor – for being a loyal reader, a contributor, and fellow food-lover

Daren – for making sure I could eat Chinese Food (like everyone else) at your wedding

Jenn – for letting me talk your ear off about food and boys, and sending me photos of CEO

Doris – for triple and quadruple checking on MY dinner at YOUR wedding

Gareth – for incredible meals and fun in NY, London, Italy and CA

Katie – for always being up for a gluten-free adventure

Judy – for always keeping me well-fed in Virginia

Nana – for wishing you could take it away

Erica – for introducing me to cooking classes and adding to my international readership

Eliana – for cooking for me and taking me on a gluten-free gelato adventure

Becky – for trying to cook for me

Jed and Chris – for being amazing friends, always coming to my crazy parties and cooking for me!

Jeff – for trying to cook for me

Amber – for always pushing the bread away

Jim – for always looking for “food that won’t make me sick”

Melanie – for diligently cleaning up crumbs and putting up with new kitchen ‘rules’

Emily – for being my gluten-free guinea pig

Lisa – for having your going away party at a ‘Catherine friendly’ restaurant

Antenisca – for trips to Trader Joe’s, many dinners at your home and nearby

Kris – for searching for a great restaurant just for me

Sean – for brunch at Deby’s

Brooke and Farrah – for keeping me well-fed in Denver

Alexis – for feeding me in Boston when I was still trying to figure it all out

Alex – for bringing me popcorn

Molly – for being a loyal reader and rearranging your birthday party for me

Missy – for graciously changing restaurants (after being seated) when I couldn’t eat safely at our first choice

Havilah – for the links to recipes and gluten-free yum

Rachel – for a gluten-free celebration

SWAB friends – for always going to sushi in SF or “safe” places in NY

Melissa – for Gluten-Free Comfort FoodLea Ann – for many wonderful dinner adventures

Barbara, Dan and Cris – for putting up with all of my crazy food issues

Phil – for always sending me gluten-free product info

LauraBeth – for making sure I could eat at the Holiday Party

Gerard – for thinking of me when you see gluten-free products

Clark – for getting wine instead of beer so I could try it

Kristian – for cooking at my place

Fabrizio – for the undeserved praise

Shauna – for your inspirational stories, recipes and the best restaurant tip ever

Kelly – for forging the way for Celiacs in NYC

Sloane – for forging the way for anyone with an allergy in NYC

Jennifer – for spreading the word

Erin – for working thanklessly on Meetups and fun

David – for keeping us educated on living GF in NYC

Amy – for being an example of how to juggle diabetes and Celiac

Sea – for creating lots of gluten-free yum

Isaiah – for putting together (and including me in) your gluten-free recipe round ups

Lynn – for the HUGS

Mireille, Bobbie, Jen and everyone on the Delphi Forums – for teaching and supporting those of us trying to figure it out

Everyone who reads and comments on this site – it means more to me than you know.

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Lynn Barry said,

November 11, 2007 @ 12:34 am

I got teary eyed reading the above blog and then this…here it comes…another hug! I really hope to meet you one day when I am in the city seeing my son. Thank YOU for such a well thought out wonderful to read blog.

ByTheBay said,

November 11, 2007 @ 2:49 am

Aw… thank YOU for all the inspiration – Your blog is fabulous.

David F said,

November 12, 2007 @ 5:08 am

Yes–thank you for all you’ve done!

And congrats on your gf anniversary!

CeliacChick said,

November 12, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

No, thank you! :)

Molly said,

November 14, 2007 @ 8:34 pm

Ahh, thank you to you too! I feel honored to have such a wonderful friend.

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